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Recently listened sound clips:
violent thunder directly near - 5 sec.
near a lightning strike, strong crashing... download  Top Download 
icy wind, storm, high winds - 25 sec.
winds... download  Top Download 
Sparrow whistles / chirps - 1 sec.
once noisy to use for other species of... download  Top Download 
Sparrow chirps 3 times in a - 2 sec.
row, various pitches, also suitable for... download  Top Download 
short low growl of a very - 1 sec.
large animal, monster, wolf or similar... download
Freeway / highway, two lanes - 41 sec.
in each direction, with no road damage,... download
very short spray, spray, hair - 1 sec.
hair spray, spray once very briefly... download
Cyber-machines, robots - 92 sec.
digital, machinery, high frequency / high... download  Top Download 
electromechanical noise, the - 1 sec.
electric starter of a motorcycle... download
First lightning, thunder of a - 5 sec.
a thunderstorm in summer 2011... download  Top Download 


New sound effects:
Waterfall, strong noise - 115 sec.
drafts or air noise, very dominant, 1:51... download  Top Download 
Waterfall short, noise - 15 sec.
drafts or air noise, very dominant 15... download  Top Download 
short train in passing, Low - 15 sec.
Angle, under a bridge, singing the tracks... download  Top Download 
Lever mechanism, approach - 1 sec.
mechanics electrically, short pulse, for... download
squeaky mechanism, with - 15 sec.
electric motor, springs, when operating... download  Top Download 
Valve, start up lever - 1 sec.
mechanism, short pulse, for mechanics, air... download
Impact on metal, iron, iron - 1 sec.
rod, sheet, iron door, hammering or... download
Glass breaks, glass bottle - 1 sec.
shattered, shattering glass or glass... download
throwing glass bottles, does - 1 sec.
not break, throw in a glass container... download
Glass breaks, throw short - 1 sec.
chips, bottle on hard ground... download

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